Yash Agarwal: Changing the rules of digital marketing with his dynamic ideas

More Indians are online today than ever before. In the present time, more than 500 million of Indians are using smartphones, spending time traversing social media, gaming sites, e-commerce websites, watching videos, etc. No wonder how these young & dynamic influencers like Yash Agarwal are acing the digital marketing game. Kanpur-based Yash started working towards a career in the digital world about 7 years ago. Yash’s more popular avatar is as the digital marketing expert or “MeAgarwalYash”, as his clients and followers call him.


KYE Global & FMK Marketing Announce VIP Members for 2020-2022

KYE Global, (earlier known as Kanpur Young Entrepreneurs) is a community of professionals and entrepreneurs, founded by Yash Agarwal (Popularly known as “meagarwalyash”).  It’s first of its kind community in India. KYE Global was launched under the banner of Fitmekanpur (FMK Marketing) by none other than Yash Agarwal.

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Managing Director, DMMOI

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Changing the rules of digital marketing with his dynamic ideas

Yash Agarwal or his fans & followers call him by the name MeAgarwalYash, is a 24-year-old Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Expert & Influencers Marketing Expert, and has experience of 8+ years in this industry. Because of his talent and new marketing strategies Yash is proving to be a game-changer in the marketing strategy. Today he is not just an expert in digital marketing and brand building, he is also phenomenal in the fields of content creation, website, and graphic designing.

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The emerging name in the field of modern marketing in India: Yash Agarwal

The very talented and creative Yash Agarwal is a 24-year-old Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing and Influencer’s Marketing Expert. He is listed as India’s leading Digital Marketer and Business Consultant. Yash is not just another Digital Marketer but is a Dynamite with the most creative ideas. He has turned out to be the Highest- Paid Digital Marketer of Uttar Pradesh, India. He is known by the name- MeAgarwalYash.

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Yash Agarwal: The Highest Paid Digital Marketing Expert Of Uttar Pradesh

In India, there are over 700 million internet users. The rise is shifting from Traditional Marketing to Digital marketing and is showing the world you are a rockstar. The Digital space is expanding like never before and Digital Marketers are ruling in the present era. Yash Agarwal is turning out as the price of the Digital World and is the highest-paid Digital Marketer of Uttar Pradesh.

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Yash Agarwal, A Digital Marketer With Invincible Approach Towards His Work

Yash Agarwal, the dynamic Digital Marketing Expert from Kanpur has figured how to stand out in the world full of internet worms, all because of his hard work and invincible attitude towards life. He has attracted followers from different countries and strata of life. He kept his feet in the area of the Digital world 7 years back and since then hasn’t looked back. The gentleman has trained more than 300+ Bloggers & Influencers. It has taken him his blood, sweat, and tears to attain this level.  

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Amar Ujala

सराहनीय: गरीब बच्चों तक पहुंचा रहे शिक्षण सामग्री, यश युवाओं को नि:शुल्क डिजिटल मार्केटिंग भी सिखा रहे

कानपुर के आर्यनगर में रहने वाले 24 वर्षीय यश अग्रवाल गरीब बच्चों को शिक्षित करने में योगदान दे रहे हैं। इन बच्चों को वह कॉपी-किताबें, टेबल, कुर्सी आदि की व्यवस्था नि:शुल्क मुहैया कराते हैं। यश बताते हैं कि जब कैंट स्थित अपने स्कूल मेथाडिस्ट हाईस्कूल में पढ़ा करते थे, तब उनके स्कूल के पास ही एक एनजीओ कुछ गरीब बच्चों को पढ़ाने के लिए एक घर पर क्लास चलाता था।